December 6, 2021

I’ve sent this out to the camp:

Howdy, I say hi!

Olly Olly Oxen-Free!!! Do you know this phrase? I grew up using it as my neighborhood of kids played kick-the-can virtually every day year-round as long as it was warm enough and enough of us had finished our homework. In the summer nights in Oklahoma, we would play until late at night as our parents would track us down and call us into our homes one by one. Some of my best childhood memories revolved around this type of play. I’d love to play kick-the-can on the playa. Maybe that will happen one of these days!?! I think it’s time to call Olly Olly Oxen-Free for our camp! Perhaps we are free to do our thing next time round?!

It’s time now to start planning the future. As some of you may know, the borg has recently announced details on their plans for next year’s 2022 burn. Usually, I would say next year’s burn, but it’s their plans we are mentioning, and after the last couple of years – who knows. One specific change that reflects my note to you now is that the entire schedule for organizing a camp has been moved up a month by the borg. This updated timeline gives us more time and opportunity to get our shit together, but it also means that now is the time to start testing the waters among us to see if we want to build the next iteration of Swing City.

Perhaps this has all seemed a “Waking Dream” to you? Or maybe you were ready to go yesterday? Either way, my job is to shake off the inertia which has held me and start herding us cats towards our dusty future.

Let me know if you wish to set up Swing City for 2022 by answering this short survey. Answering in the affirmative does not imply an obligation to attend, but it will keep you in the loop, and when directed-tickets become available, you will be a part of our ticket queue.


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