16 lbs. of Crushed Ice ($10)


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As we have discussed in camp meetings this year, we are doing away with group ice buys with cash on Playa. In the past, when the kitchen went to get ice, people would gather around, get some cash together, and participate in the ice buy. However, the way this went down put too much stress on the kitchen, the money ended up getting miscounted or lost, and some ended up not getting their ice because they got distracted and couldn’t be found when the ice arrived. When the ice came, this absence meant that their ice was either left to melt or given to others. It’s not sustainable.

Ice is sold in two forms: 16 lbs. of crushed ice for $10 or 7 lbs. block ice for $5.00.

Everyone in camp is welcome to participate in the group ice buys this year. However, there are strict rules:

  1. There are no cash transactions. Those who wish to participate in the group ice buys must pay upfront now. These ice buys will be aggregated and paid for on Playa by the ice lead with the camp credit card. Only one transaction each day.
  2. Group ice buys on the Playa will happen at 9 AM each day.
  3. Each person who participates in the group ice buy, on any individual day, must meet the ice team at the kitchen at 9 AM and go over to Antarctica with the ice team to help bring the ice back to camp.
  4. If you do not attend the ice run, you will forfeit the ice and the money you had put into the day’s ice buy. There are no refunds. We are not tracking anyone’s money. Each day the ice team will be issued a list of how much ice will be bought and who will be there to help. If you do not show up, it is your loss. If you do not show up, the amount of ice you purchased will be removed from the ice run, and you will have to use cash and stand in the sun to get your ice when you come back from either sleeping through it or getting lost on an adventure.
  5. The value of this group buy is to help you avoid standing in the sun to buy your ice because we, as a camp, can go into Antarctica’s back door to make one large purchase. There is shade in there, and even if there is a wait, you will be waiting in the shade.

To get to this page, you should have completed the daily ice request survey. From that point, you should have a specific plan for which days you are getting ice and how much per day.