2 Gallons of Water


2 Gallons of Water

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Your body requires about 1.5 gallons of water per day on the playa. We organize a significant purchase for our water tank that members of the camp purchase together. We start the process by giving the water company MECHO $2500, and we have a team on the playa that dispenses this water once a day. We allocate this water in 2-gallon increments that cost $4.00 per two gallons. As a bare minimum, if you intend to participate in this group purchase, you should purchase 12 gallons for the week. We require that you use containers no smaller than 2 gallons. Noone will allow you to fill up your cup or a liter bottle at the water tank. And we keep it locked up as we have had people dump 100 gallons onto the playa because they fucked around a found out.