Low Income Camp Fee


Low Income Camp Fee

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Our camp fee covers the logistics, equipment, storage, and administrative tools necessary to build the best playground on the playa as our gift to the Burning Man community. It requires upfront, ongoing, and known unknown costs to make this happen. In each cycle, unexpected events take place, and we make mistakes.

As most everyone knows by now, our cost structure does not account for a buffer that covered costs such as the pandemic shutdown. We anticipate that this years camp fee will, provided nothing unexpected happens, cover all existing camp operating costs as well as debt.

Standard camp fee will be $400, low income camp fee is $200 (and must be accompanied by a copy of your low income ticket acceptance form the Borg).

The fee schedule is as follows:

1. Those who have access to tickets to the event prior to May 17th pay the standard camp fee, $400, if they remit before May 31st at noon PST.
2. Anyone who is recorded as possessing a ticket before May 17th who does not remit by May 31st at noon PST are asked to pay the late fee of $450.
3. For those who receive access to tickets after May 17th you have two weeks to pay your camp fee at the standard level and if the fee is not paid by that two week mark we ask that you pay the late fee of $450. Please keep your ticket status up-to-date. Doing this helps tremendously with planning and ensures we do not over subscribe the camp.

It is important to understand we have already begun spending money towards the camp this year. This money has been spent through the camp credit card that must be paid off as we proceed. So if we are to succeed at this massive project we collaboratively undertake everyone must do their best to cover the costs in a timely fashion.

Please note: this transaction carries a $6.00 through the bank. This has been added to the total for the low income camp fee.