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We continue to learn valuable lessons from past burns in the kitchen. It would be best if you had already gone through the camp meal plan survey, where you shared your dietary preferences, allergies, etc. We strive to create a menu that incorporates everyone’s preferences and strictures.

Swing City’s meal plan consists of 1 hearty meal in either vegetarian or carnivorous per day plus access to the Monkey Canteen for energetic liquids, electrolytes, smoothies, etc.

The camp meal plan directly underwrites the cost of feeding the advance team and those that break the camp down at the end, as well as hydration, electrolytes, and other goodies through the Monkey Canteen. The current goal is to make the daily meal available between 2 pm – 4 pm daily. Each camper who purchases the meal plan works in the kitchen or canteen at least once during the week, with no exceptions.

There are a maximum of 125 meal plans available within the camp. We expect all meal plans to be reserved and paid for by June 30th at noon. At that time, the price for any remaining meals available goes up to $225.00.

Please note: there is a $6.85 surcharge added to this transaction to pay for banking fees.